Car crash…. (Part: 2)

I think someone’s coming! I saw movement out of the rear-view mirror. 

“Hey” I yelled as loud as I could but I knew there was no way that anyone could hear me.

“HELP!” I tried yelling again. That was all I could do. My sister was still unconscious. She could be dead. No, I won’t think like that I need to stay positive… for now.

“Hello, can anyone hear me?” Someone yelled from outside the car. Finally, I’ve been waiting for more than an hour. I knew once the radio stopped working that it wasn’t a good sign and that this road wasn’t very populated.

“YES YES OVER HERE! HELP ME IM STUCK AND MY SISTERS UNCONCIOUS! We where driving home from work, we work at McDonalds. It’s a 30 minute drive from home we had to close the restaurant we were both so tired she decided to try out a new short cut and then this happens! Help!” I babbled so fast I could barely understand what was coming out of my mouth.

“Slow down, take a deep breath and tell me after I go get some help, Ok?” He said so calmly. I nodded. 

I could see the sun rising over the horizon. How long has it been? We finished at around 12:30pm and then we crashed I haven’t checked the time since we got in the car I was too panicked. 

“Alyssa.” I said turning my head to look over at my sister. Her head was laying there. She seemed so peaceful, she better be ok. “Alyssa, can you hear me? Someone’s come to help us. He went to call 9-1-1 we’ll be home soon, ok? Just hang in there we’ll be fine.” I don’t know who I was trying to my sister or myself.

“Hey, can you unlock the door?” The man said reaching for the handle. I tried moving my hand but it wouldn’t move that way.

“No, I can’t. My hand is stuck!” I said desperately. He started pulling on the handle and then saw there was a crack in the back door window. I knew what he was thinking.

“I’m going to bust this window so that I can open the doors and get you out of there.Tturn your head around and put your head down I don’t want glass to get in your eyes.” As I turned and put my head down I heard a loud SMASH and then something hit me in the back of my head. “Damn it. I’m sorry are you ok?” He called from the back hurriedly opening the door. I tried to tell him I’m fine but all that came out were mumbles.

“Shit, that’s not good. You’re bleeding…a lot. Just hang in there.” He said to me as I had said to my sister. 

“Help…..her….” I closed my eyes because I couldn’t handle the sunshine coming throw the windshield. It caused my head to pound and gave me the worst headache ever. A while after I heard the ambulance and the man telling me it was gonna be ok but I couldn’t open my eyes or talk. It was like I was stuck.

How’s Alyssa? Is she Ok? Am I gonna die? How did this happen? Where’s that man that helped us?

~~To be continued~~

For the Daily Prompt : Sunny

Hope you enjoyed! Comment some feedback and/or what you would like to happen!

X.O.X -B.L


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