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Hey Friends, I found a website where you can win free stuff and I've been using it and it is NOT a scam! You simply have to collect points by answering their daily polls which are as simple as : Have you ever flown over seas for a wedding?  Here's a free chance to win... Continue Reading →


I thought summer would be more amusing but instead all I have time for is: Gym Work Summer School Sleep *Repeat* And I'm only fifteen I can't imagine how it's going to be when I'm older 😬! X.O.X ~~B.L


Ok, I've decided I wanted to try to get to know you guys a little. So, I'm going to ask random questions on my blog and you guys can answer them however you want and I will respond! You can also comment other questions that you would like me to answer just have fun with... Continue Reading →

Car crash…. (Part: 2)

I think someone's coming! I saw movement out of the rear-view mirror.  "Hey" I yelled as loud as I could but I knew there was no way that anyone could hear me. "HELP!" I tried yelling again. That was all I could do. My sister was still unconscious. She could be dead. No, I won't think... Continue Reading →

Car crash…

It was past midnight and my eldest sister was driving us home after a long day at work. We were both extremely tired. It was a hot and humid night and the only noises to be heard were the engine and the wheels rolling down the street.  Sitting there in the car watching as the... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girls Don’t Get Less Than A Hundred Likes On Their Selfie

I completely agree

Aly McHenry

I thought I was depressed because of social media.

I posted a picture of myself on Instagram and five minutes later, I deleted it, because nobody liked it. I thought I looked pretty in it. I genuinely loved the picture, but in a span of five minutes, I decided I didn’t like it anymore, because nobody else did.

Two weeks later I posted it again with a stronger filter and increased the brightness, and I got 57 likes, and I felt good again, but then an overwhelming feeling of disappointment washed over me. I liked the first picture better, so why didn’t I keep it up?

It’s because I define my worth by how many likes I get on a picture or a post, and the realization of that fact actually causes my stomach to flop.

We’re the generation of social media. We all have four core social media accounts…

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